Welcome To Audiviz

AUDIVIZ is a locally owned Sunshine Coast business dedicated to helping people with their growing use of Computers, Smart TV’s and all types of home electronics

We Are a Company Dedicated to Helping Our Clients To Use and Maintain Their Electronics.

Home Entertainment

Audiviz takes pleasure in helping people with all their home entertainment needs. We can set up a new TV and help you to understand the new features that now make it more than just a TV. We can also help with home theater, stereo system, Blu-Ray, Karaoke or even connect your computer to your TV for so many great possibilities.  Read More

Personal Computers

In one visit, we can help clean up a computer that is not running well or take it home for up-grades and repairs, check signal quality and make sure you have the best cables for your system.  New Computer ? We can help with your set up, guide you in selecting user names and passwords and in choosing the essential programs to be installed. Read More

Small Business

Audiviz can also help the small business owner. We can setup your network for your pc’s printers and back-ups.  We can also help your business with your new computers or to maintain your existing computers so they perform optimally. So if you are a small business owner and need some no nonsense advice or help, call us.  Read More


Our goal is to make these sometimes daunting tasks an affordable exercise and offer one on one training visits, call outs, and specialized visits. We have found that sitting down with people going through the basics of operating remote controls and computers has enabled them to get a solid start to enjoying their devices. Read More

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