Stephen Bowe

Audiviz Founder

This is My Story

AUDIVIZ is a new business on the sunshine coast that came from seeing a need to help people with their growing use of electronics.

More and more people are becoming dependent on mobile phones and computers as these are essential devices used in our everyday activities such as paying bills, checking bank accounts, making appointments, communications, and all sorts of things. We’ve also seen home entertainment changing its focus from TV and DVD to streamed online content and moving from poor quali…ty illegal downloads to a welcomed quality streamed product. With the ever changing technology, it has become more difficult for many to deal with these tasks. Here at AUDIVIZ we aim to make this a less daunting and much simpler experience.

Our goal is to make these sometimes daunting tasks an affordable exercise and offer one on one training visits, call outs, and specialized visits.

Call AUDIVIZ today for a friendly helping hand with all off your audio, video and computer needs.