Personal Computers

The Issues

Keeping a computer clean and up to date is an on going issue for everyone. The result is that your computer will start misbehaving in very small but annoying ways until you finally realise too late and then think that you need a new computer. At this point in time we have become so reliant on our personal computer and have so much data that it is easy to panic. At this time we may have neglected backups and alternative options and the computer guy has to take it away for several days.

What’s Needed

A new computer can take up to 1 and a half hours to set up correctly for proper use. There is a multitude of programs running which you will not need, Virus and malware protection to be removed , replaced or set up and paid for. Free virus is of very little value. User names and passwords is something that has been forced upon us and a great deal of care is involved in setting and remembering them. Day 1 of a computers life is the most important, let us help if your not sure.


Computer Setup and Repairs

Computer Training and Assistance

Computer Repairs

The failure of hardware in a computer can be confusing and difficult to distinguish from software corruption. We most often need to take the Personal computer away for diagnosis which can take some time on a test bench.

Computer Clean ups

A computer with out good protection and management will assuredly gain a lot of programs, both harmful and harmless. However this will slow your PC to a snails pace and create frustration. This clean-up can some times be performed in your home but in many extreme cases it can require an overnight service .

Software Upgrades

Software up-grades are an important part of keeping an efficient and safe Personal Computer. Uses are often afraid to hit that button on the screen and therefore reject very important upgrades. We teach users to Identify what is safe and how to trust your Virus and Anti-Malware Programs.

Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrades can easily be achieved however with technology moving so fast it is often left to late for it to be of much value. With good advice before purchasing your personal computer you should not be too concerned about upgrades. If you find a Good PC to purchase then that would also be the best time to consider that upgrade.

Computer Cleanup Can Make Even An Older Computer Run Sweet

Operating System

Operating systems that get all recommended updates will give  best performance.

Correct Software for The Job

Updating appropriate software and removing unnecessary software is a must for efficient computer operation

PC Security, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware

This is an absolute essential in a world of cyber theft and destruction. No one is safe without it