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Plug And Play?

What used to be a simple ‘plug and play’ environment has now become a ‘plug and play’ environment with no meaning! An extremely large amount of people will struggle just to set up a TV alone. The TV will have to connect to the internet , have software updates, time & date locations set, and then tuned just to find multiples of the same channels. TV now has issues involving the change to digital, old Arial wiring and the 4G phone network. Now we need to connect our DVD players and pay TV boxes, the TV input does not accommodate all of the older equipment we have. And all this before we start to understand using remote controls and streaming new entertainment content online.

Need Help

At Audiviz we have been growing with the changes and constantly researching solutions to address these issues. Even a call to us before purchasing products can help keep you from making mistakes in purchasing, and a lot of drama and confusion when you get home. We will sit down with you and help you to understand what is on a remote control and how to get the best use out of it.

Constantly Keeping Up

Pure Entertainment

Home Theatre and Smart TV Connections

New And Old

Keeping your older Equipment and new Technology working.

Wires And WiFi

Getting the best from Wi-Fi, Ethernet and all Those AV Cables.

Smart Control Connections

One remote control for all the systems at your finger tips and Intelligent systems managing themselves.

Complete System Set Up

System Improvements

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