Small Business

From The Start

Knowing what your business needs are and getting all the equipment set up correctly from the very beginning is ultimately going to save you money, time and head ache’s. A business does not always need the greatest super computer, printer or network but more importantly, reliability, back-up and protection.


We will Help

Firstly we can look at your specific requirements to be sure the hardware is up to the job.Then from the beginning, we can set up the computers, set up the network, printers and backup.

Great Business

With Ease

Business Data In Office And On The Run

Mobile's And Laptops

With cloud base storage you and your team can access all your documents anywhere, anytime

Backing Up At Ease

with modern technology your back ups can be just about any where. constantly being save and you don’t even know it. Accessed at any time in part or full.

Personalised access and cloud control

Even with small business you can  control who can access data and who can modify it. and no expensive programs required programs