Changes So Fast

The real problem is that the world is changing so fast and technology taking over.Although there are standards (simple processes) in the ways things are done, there is now so many more options that seem to hide the simplicity. It is no longer the way to just plug in a TV, switch channels and raise or lower the volume.

Your bills are paid online and your TV connects to the internet. Now we are concerned about out personal details and backing up our thousands of photos etc.

Keeping Up

Our goal is to not just connect you up nor to show a parrot fashion way of doing things but to show you the basic principles of how most electronics work, so that you may be able to apply them in the many electronic tasks in your life.

The need for Usernames, pass words, Product disks and keys is one of the most important places to start and the biggest head aches. We all hate them but we must start by realising they are not going away and to save a lot of waisted time we must form some kind of system to remember them.

Small Business


Basic Principles And Too Many Options

TV,s, Media Players, Phones and Computers

Helping to understand that they are all not so different, and that you can go from crawling to walking by you self.

You Can Customise And Control

To realise that it is safe to venture into the realm of settings, to maximise and enjoy your experience.

For All Ages And Needs

What ever your present need or understanding, there is something for you to gain.